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Sense of Self & Identity

At Authentically Living Psychological Services, PLLC, our clinicians specialize in working with individuals struggling with sense of self, self-esteem, self-expression, and identity development. Identity development can include, but it not limited to one’s spiritual identity, relational identity, and personal identity. 

A struggle with formulating identity can occur at varying points throughout a lifetime. For example, a younger adolescent may struggle to identify and connect with aspects of their sexuality or gender expression; an older adolescent may struggle to identify values, passions, and skills necessary to embark on a choice of study; a young adult may struggle connecting with their spiritual or religious identity after recognizes differences in their set of beliefs; and a mature adult may struggle with aspects of their personal identity after retirement. 

When we are struggling with an aspect of our identity, this can greatly affect our self-worth, self-image, and ability to confidently connect and relate to ourselves, others, our environment, and our larger world context. When our sense of self identity is disrupted, distorted, confused, or hidden, this can further lead to an increase in existential anxiety, depressive experiences, nervousness, difficulty concentrating, and additional mental health concerns.

At Authentically Living Psychological Services, PLLC, our clinicians take the time to collaboratively learn the intricacies and unique details of our client’s existence to aid in building self-awareness and self-esteem. We work with our clients to identify values, opinions, and beliefs in efforts to live an identity that is aligned with such views. We explore how our social context, world context, and environmental context shapes our views of ourselves and how we can balance those incoming messages in a way that is uplifting, supportive, and beneficial to our existence.

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