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Life Transition & Change

At Authentically Living Psychological Services, PLLC, our clinicians specialize in working with individuals undergoing life transitions and change. Such changes range from receiving employment, moving, getting married, or having a child, to losing a sibling, learning of a frightening medical diagnosis, changing careers, or filing for divorce. 

It might seem surprising seeing so many objectively “positive” changes on the list as reasons for seeking therapy, but a variety of experiences can cause us to feel uncomfortable and unsettled. In fact, change is difficult for anyone to process and manage. 

Why is change so difficult?

Well, as beings, we are comforted by what is familiar, controllable, and stable. When we experience change, whether objectively positive or negative, it can feel unfamiliar, out of our control, and less stable. It may lead us to feel groundless, overwhelmed, alarmed, and disoriented. In fact, we may view change as threatening, leading to us feeling stuck, unsafe, guarded, and untrusting. 

Depending on the specific life transition or change, it may also illicit existential anxiety. For example, when we graduate school, sign a marriage license, or learn we are going to be grandparents, we are simultaneously confronted with the passage of time and our aging process. It may cause us to reflect on our current life circumstance and have us wondering if we are living up to our own expectations? Are we satisfied with the life we are leading? 

At Authentically Living Psychological Services, PLLC, we meet our clients where they are during the transitory portion of their life. We process the many reactions to the current life transition alongside our clients in efforts to build safety, security, and a sense of alliance and confidence in addressing and living through change. We also work towards accepting change and appreciating the ebbs and flows of our existence. If you are struggle with change and would like to work with us, reach out today. 

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