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Death, Grief, & Loss

At Authentically Living Psychological Services, PLLC, our clinicians specialize in working with individuals who are currently grieving a loss. We are open and accepting to all forms of loss, whether that be the loss of a family member, the loss of a pet, the loss of a relationship, or the loss of health or ability. 

Grief is a complex set of emotional, physical, spiritual, philosophical, social, and cognitive experiences. Those who are grieving may feel misunderstood by those who have not experienced grief, which often increases feelings of disconnect and isolation.

Societally, we hear messages to “move on,” and that “it [the pain from the loss] will get better with time.” Those messages are both false, and harmful to those of us who are grieving. In actuality, grief is constant; though, it may shift and change form throughout the years, grief is permanent, as often loss is permanent. 

When confronted with loss, we are also confronted with our own mortality and limited time. This may lead to increased existential anxiety and confusion regarding what is purposeful. 

Our clinicians are particularly comfortable with exploring the obscurities and anxieties associated with death and dying and invite open curiosity and communication. We aim to aid individuals in understanding their relationship with death and dying, and how best to sit with the pains and array of emotional experiencing often associated to grief and loss.  Whether you have experienced a loss more recently, or have been harboring pains from a distant loss, we encourage you to reach out. 

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