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The Best NYC Holistic Therapists

Updated: Jun 13

holistic therapy nyc

Focusing on just “changing your thoughts” is not only invalidating but also very limiting. At Authentically Living Psychological Services, we employ holistic, relational, philosophical, and strength-based approaches when working with clients struggling with grief, low self-esteem, existential anxiety and dread, and difficulty cultivating genuine relationships.

What even is holistic-based therapy?

Holistic therapy focuses on a person as a whole, taking into consideration a person’s environment, culture, views, and experiences. The approach often incorporates mindfulness-based practices, expressive modalities like art and muscle, and supplementation interventions, such as restorative yoga, meditation, or reiki. The approach can be helpful for those experiencing anxiety, grief, chronic illness, or depression, and for those wanting a more soulful connection with themselves or greater self-understanding and self-acceptance.

How can holistic therapy help?

1. Greater understanding of the whole being:

A holistic approach to therapy emphasizes the importance of developing a greater understanding of the whole being on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Utilizing mindfulness and self-reflection, holistic therapy can aid in greater insight and personal growth.

2. Emphasis on the mind-body connection:

A holistic approach to therapy focuses on the importance of the mind-body connection. It can help to describe what’s happening in your body on a physiological level, aiding in the connection and overall awareness you have with your body.

3. Non-pathologizing view of the human condition:

A holistic approach to therapy is a non-pathologizing and individualized approach that focuses on the needs of each individual. Therapy is less geared towards diagnosis and centers more on self-compassion, openness, and self-acceptance.

4. Building tools to live a more balanced lifestyle:

A holistic approach to therapy provides tools and resources to help regulate your nervous system, practice groundedness, and live more mindfully and in the moment leading to greater satisfaction, balance, and inner harmony.

5. Addressing the meat and potatoes:

Cognitive approaches to therapy address issues on a strictly cognitive level. When used in isolation, these therapeutic approaches fail to incorporate depth work and address one’s lived experience toward the opportunity for changes, development, and healing.

Your Favorite Holistic Therapists

At Authentically Living Psychological Services, our therapists are holistically oriented, trained in trauma-informed care, mindfulness-based practices, and alternative therapies to support you on your journey of psychological wellness.

Dr. Cynthia Shaw and Ms. Jaclyn Paradise are your go-to tri-state holistic therapists. Ready to start your therapy journey? Then reach out today.

As a group that highly values the importance of integrating holistic-based practices, we have connected with other holistic clinicians in the NYC area and across NYS.

The Top 5 NYC Holistic Therapists and Therapy Centers

1. Ms. Laney Wallace: EMDR and Art Therapist

Laney Wallace headshot

As a therapist who believes therapy should be more than just talking, Ms. Laney Wallace is equipped with a plethora of holistic therapies to support her highly self-aware clients struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem toward living a fulfilling and bold life. Ms. Wallace is a creative arts therapist who blends EMDR, IFS (parts work), art therapy, spirituality, and somatic practices like nervous system regulation.

2. Ms. Gianna LaLota: Yoga and Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Gianna Lalota Headshot

Ms. Gianna LaLota is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who works with emerging adults struggling with panic, phobias, OCD, social anxiety and generalized anxiety. As an integrative and goal-oriented clinician, Ms. LaLota incorporates EFT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Reiki, and Mindfulness-based approaches to teach her clients tools and skills to navigate young adulthood.

3. Dr. Yasmine Saad: Inner Message Approach

Yasmine Saad Headshot

Dr. Saad is an award-winning psychologist and two-time international best-selling author. Dr. Saad is the founder of her group practice, Madison Park Psychological Services, where her team integrates ancient Eastern philosophy and modern Western therapeutic techniques. She developed the Inner Message Approach, which was influenced by Taoist principles and consists of three phases: 1) engaging your inner compass, 2) revealing your inner blueprints, and 3) cracking the code. To learn more about The Inner Message Approach and the psychologists at Madison Park Psychologist Services, check out Dr. Saad’s website:

4. Holistic Psychotherapy NYC: Compassion, Connection, and Collaboration

Vanessa and Sarah Headshot

Ms. Vanessa Kensing (LCSW) and Sarah Spritz (LCSW) founded their group practice with a similar mission and understanding of the importance of holistic health, and the power of connection and compassion. Their clinicians work from a relational and humanistic framework.

5. Whole Wellness Services: Holistic and Integrative Health

Patricia Petrone headshot

Whole is a multi-specialty team of therapists, physicians, psychiatric nurse practitioners and wellness professionals dedicated to tailoring their care via individualized and whole-person approaches. Whole is a comprehensive medical and wellness center offering mental health counseling, functional and naturopathic medicine, lab testing, psychological evaluation, psychiatry, health coaching, therapy groups, yoga, reiki, and retreats.

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