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Top-Rated Therapist for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Executives, & Professionals

Takeaway: For all those years you imagined what it might be like to be at the top of the food chain: successful, powerful, wealthy, confident, and influential. However, now being in that place you realize the views are not so great from up here: you're burned out from wearing multiple hats, stressed from your busy schedule, have poor work-life balance from the never-ending start up tasks, are tired of managing adult children, and are questioning whether it was all worth it. You might be wondering what's next and how in the heck you get out of this mess. Whether you are just stepping into the business realm, curious about starting your own business, or years deep into being an executive,  this brief will cover how our therapy for business owners and executives can be beneficial in supporting you in identifying your values and career goals, creating a better work-life balance, improving confidence, communication and leadership skills, imposter syndrome, addressing stress management, and navigating the complexities that come with being a business owner. 

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About Authentically Living Psychological Services

Authentically Living Psychological Services is a group practice that is committed to providing top-tier, concierge, tailored mental health services to executives, and people alike, struggling with living a life that is fulfilling, balanced, and aligned with one's values. We work with C-Suite executives, managerial-level professionals, physicians, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and those in corporate financial positions and have an understanding of the unique challenges that come with these roles and the added mental health conditions that plague such professionals.

Meet Dr. Cynthia Shaw | Top-rated therapist for business owners & entrepreneurs in NYC

Dr. Cynthia Shaw is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and owner of Authentically Living Psychological Services. True to her NJ personality, her therapeutic approach is kindly direct, to-the-point, supportive, and humorous. As a business owner herself, she loves helping others harness their inner strengths, identify their business aspirations, and create a value-driven plan for achieving desired business, executive, managerial, and leadership goals. A lover of all things existential, she founded the practice to provide services to those interested in depth-oriented work and who benefit from relational processing. In addition to executives, Dr. Shaw works well with those struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression, and in their relationships with others, themselves, and their larger world context. Learn more about Dr. Shaw below.

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  • Credentials:

    • Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    • Grief Informed Professional

    • Approved Clinical Supervisor

  • License numbers:

    • PsyPact: 14381

    • New York: 025643

    • New Jersey: 35SI00702400

    • Illinois: 071.010599

  • Education/degree:

    • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

    • Generalist Adult Track

    • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

    • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in English

  • Teletherapy

    • PsyPact Certified to practice in 40 states. Find out if your state is included here.

    • Additional licenses in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and North Carolina

    Providing therapy since 2015

    • Experience: private practice, psychiatric in-patient hospitals, health psychology/in-patient, forensic unit/hospital, schools, assisted living facilities, methadone maintenance clinics.

    • Past clientele:

      • children, adolescents, and adults

      • psychotic disorders, substance use disorders, personality disorders, anxiety and mood disorders, trauma disorders, neurodevelopment disorders, eating disorders, sexual disorders, conduct disorders, neurocognitive disorders, paraphilic disorders.

    • Current clientele:

      • adolescents and adults

      • existential angst, low self-esteem, death anxiety, poor sense of self, depression, loneliness, difficulty forming genuine relationships, entrepreneurs, perfectionists, high achievers, nostalgic thinkers, emotionally sensitive, men's issues, spiritual questioning, identity development.

    Modalities used:

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Why choose Authentically Living for business therapy

Hopefully, this doesn't come as too much of a surprise, but as psychologists and therapists, we also went through grueling education, experienced perfectionism, embody inherent drive and motivation, struggle with purpose and meaning, and have bouts of anxiety and depression. As human-centered therapists, these experiences have influenced our therapeutic philosophies and we harness such experiences to best guide and support our clients in identifying their own personal and professional struggles, areas of insecurity, challenges in setting boundaries, and existential questions about values, meaning, and how to live a fulfilling life.

While we assess the unique needs of our indvidual clients, generally speaking, therapy with us will cover the following:


Navigating the complexities that come with being a business owner:

Whether you are just entering the world of entrepreneurship, are years into owning and running your company, or have been in a high-level position, such as a surgeon, prescriber, lawyer, consultant, financial analyst, software engineer, trader, or therapist, our therapy services focuses on supporting you as you navigate the highs and lows of your business ventures. 


Addressing stress management:

Your world comes with high expectations, high risk, demanding tasks, and long hours. It is no surprise that not only is your mental health suffering, but you're also experiencing somatic pains, tension headaches, high blood pressure, and restless sleep. Finding the time to incorporate self-care is non-existent, let alone knowing what it means to actually take care of yourself. Our providers are equipped with tools to address stress and work with you and your schedule in identifying strategies and exercises that can assist in sticking with a health and wellness routine.


Creating a better work-life balance: 

As you laugh to yourself considering how poor your division of work and life have been, we're excited to guide you towards creating a more sustainable life and one that includes a balance of personal wellness, work productivity, relational intimacy, self-care, rest, and satisfaction. 


Improving confidence: 

As you begin to process stressors, incorporate self-care, improve your communication skills, and live with more balance, we often find that confidence and self-esteem also improve. Many conversations are geared towards addressing your self-view and the experiences that led to such views. Through understanding and through establishing boundaries and balance, your views towards yourself have the capacity to change and improve over time. 


Processing past traumas, familial expectations, and personal pressures:

We'll build upon these conversations as we explore your familial upbringing, major life experiences, pressures to succeed, and what it even means to you to be "successful." As we explore past traumas, we are able to improve upon our own self-understanding; this is a critical component when it comes to not only letting go of past pain, but in being able to recognize areas in your current living that you'd like to change to not preserve those past views and experiences. ​


Teaching communication and leadership skills: 

Whether it is to communicate boundaries, delegate tasks, mediate interpersonal disruptions, or express your emotions when in personal contexts, our therapists can provide you with the necessary communication skills to get your point across clearly and succinctly; our therapist incorporate role play and explore avenues when it comes to alternative ways of communication. 


Identifying values, career goals, and personal aspirations:

As we begin to shed negative self-views, high expectations, and poor boundaries, we make space for identifying what is most important to us and how we can align our personal and professional goals with those values and areas of importance. 


Living more meaningfully:

Ultimately, we want you to live a life that feels aligned, meaningful, and fulfilling. Whether that is through your career or in cultivating relationships with others, nature, or yourself, our therapists are skilled at asking the difficult questions to challenge your current way of living to make room for embracing a new way of living that feels whole and that checks all your bucket list items. 

Our mental health counselors at Authentically Living Psychological Services are truly dedicated to your psychological wellness. We take pride in spending each hour of therapeutic work investing energy in cultivating a genuine relationship, exploring your experiences, and supporting you in navigating your role as seniors, directors, and managers. As native Northeasterners, we are known to take a no-bullshit approach to forming relationships that are genuine, humorous, and impactful. We enjoy the process of asking challenging questions in efforts towards furthering your self-understanding and towards leading a life that feels renewed, meaningful, intra and interpersonally connected, and in line with your values.​

While the relationships our therapists are able to create are the true uniqueness of our work, our approach is embedded with philosophical understandings, spiritual openness, human science, and the ability to seamlessly incorporate the art and dance of the therapeutic process. Our approach is relational, compassion-focused, trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, and person-centered. If you'd like to learn more, reach out to one of our providers here.

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FAQs about therapy for entrepreneurs

  • What type of counseling is best for grief?
    There are many different types of counseling practices for addressing grief. The choice of modality is specific to the provider, as well as the assessment of client needs, preferences, and the nature of grief. Below are common counseling services typically provided for grief: Existential & Humanistic Therapy: Existential and humanistic therapy are interconnected therapies that focus on self-understanding while confronting limitations to being human, such as death, illness, and demise, responsibilities and freedom to make choices, and what it means to be authentic. The therapies highlight the integration of exploring meaning, purpose, and personal fulfillment while recognizing and challenging the irony of pointlessness and the inevitability of loss. Positive Psychology: Positive psychology has similarities to existential and humanistic therapy, as it focuses on promoting wellness and self-growth despite loss. Positive psychology is more strength-based and relies on personal resiliency, meaningful goals, and gratitude to navigate grief. Art & Expressive Therapy: Expressive therapies include the use of creative art interventions such as drawing, writing, painting, singing, dancing, and acting to process grief and loss. The use of mainstream talk therapy can sometimes be challenging for those who are grieving, and thus resorting to nonverbal forms of expression can be cathartic and supportive. Narrative Therapy: Similar to Expressive therapies and Positive Psychology, Narrative therapy focuses on allowing a person to story and describe their experience of loss. Identifying personal resiliency and noted strengths, narrative therapy further focuses on the re-narrating or re-storying of the loss; It provides an opportunity to notice new perspectives as we move through loss. Mindfulness-Based Therapy: Helpful as an additive to all modalities, especially for those grieving, Mindfulness-Based Therapy focuses on incorporating stress reduction tools, meditation practices, and mindfulness exercises to aid in down-regulating one's heightened nervous system, self-soothe, and ground an individual. Logotherapy: A branch of Existential therapy, Logotherapy is also an additive therapy that focuses specifically on creating meaning. Even in the face of suffering, Logotherapy highlight how we can still choose to create meaning. For unchanging situations, such as after loss, incorporating attitudinal shifts is a primary focus of logotherapy. Transpersonal Psychology & Grief Therapy: Known as a spiritual and holistic form of therapy, Transpersonal psychology focuses on experiences of interconnectedness such as during states of flow, sereneness, and meditation, and while using certain therapeutic substances, such as psychedelics. In the context of grief, this modality can help a person striving for connection with nature, and greater self alignment, and those interested in exploring their spiritual and religious beliefs and connections. Group & Family Therapy: As highlighted above, Group and Family therapy are effective modalities for those looking for greater communal support, collective processing, and learning how to better communicate and connect. Our practice offers a variety of the modalities presented above. If you have questions about a modality that you do not see listed, please contact us and a member of our staff will return your inquiry in 24-48 hours.
  • Is group therapy good for grief?
    Group therapy is a supportive modality for addressing grief, as it provides a space for peer support, communal validation, decreased isolation and loneliness, normalization of certain experiences, and an opportunity to share without fear of judgment. Group therapy encourages the expression of difficult emotions that may be more challenging to have with friends and colleagues, and is a platform for practicing how to advocate for your needs. Our grief therapy group offers a unique opportunity to utilize creative practices to express and address grief, that doesn't solely rely on the use of verbal processing. We have found that grief is often difficult to talk about and that words do not always express our experiences justly. In addition to creative interventions, such as writing, drawing, and painting, our incorporation of mindfulness exercises aids in down-regulating your nervous system at the end of group, and are additional tools for you to practice at your leisure when overwhelmed with the distress of grief. If you are interested in learning more about our grief group and whether this might be a good fit for you, reach out by clicking here. A member of our staff will return your inquiry in 24-48 hours.
  • How soon should you have bereavement counseling?
    The timing for starting bereavement therapy is different from person to person. Taking into account the nature of a loss, a person's readiness and interest in therapy, availability of supportive factors and coping skills, and cultural factors can influence when and if a person will seek bereavement counseling. It's important to remember that the healing process is unique for everyone and so there is no right or wrong time to seek therapy and that regardless of when your loss occurred, it is never too late to start grief therapy.

Get the support you need for both your business and mental health to flourish.

If you're ready to address the current relationship you have with work and improve your self-esteem, relationships, and health along the way, then you'll want to reach out today. At Authentically Living Psychological Services, we provide tailored mental health services and can accompany you on your journey towards stress reduction and consequential physical health improvements, elevated self-awareness, better decision-making processes and overall self-confidence, enhanced communication skills, how to address setbacks, and identifying work and personal goals that align with your values. If you'd like to learn more about our services and see if we'd be a potential fit, then reach out today.

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