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Anxiety, Dread & Depression

At Authentically Living Psychological Services, PLLC, our clinicians specialize in working with individuals struggling with anxiety, dread, and depression. Anxiety can be described as an experience of worry and unease, with accompanied sensations of tension, fatigue, and irritability. Anxiety can also manifest physiologically, through body aches, and a disruption in sleep, appetite, and social and vocational connection.  

Though our anxiety may seem to be influenced by generalized every-day experiences, such as presenting a project at work, flying on a plane, or missing an appointment, our practice utilizes an exploratory process to identify the possible existential components that may be occurring when experiencing anxiety. 

While existential anxiety can feel similar to generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive anxieties, there may be an additional component to your distress that is difficult to describe and identify. Existential anxiety is a feeling of dread or panic when we are confronted with the limitations of our existence. Limitations can be best understood as our limited living time, our aging bodies, the significance of our existence, the meaning of our existence, the responsibility to make significant choices, and the difficulties we experience in our connecting to others. 

Those with existential anxiety may also describe feeling dread, despair, regret, panic, withdrawal, and groundlessness. 

Existential anxiety can occur at any point within one’s life span, but we often see such experiences during times of significant changes, such as when starting a new career, moving to a new city, or beginning a new relationship. Existential anxiety can also occur after the loss of a loved one or after the diagnosis of a medical condition, as well as after tragedy or trauma, or during a major milestone or life change.  

While some of us respond anxiously to the confrontations of our limitations and existence, others may respond more solemnly and through periods of low mood and sadness. We may feel overwhelmed with the task of creating a life worth living and deriving meaning through our creations and lifestyle.  

At Authentically Living Psychological Services, PLLC, we work with individuals who struggle with anxious and depressive experiences towards cultivating a life worth living through the identification of personal values, and through the formation of connection and purpose. If you are struggling with existential anxiety, dread, or depression and would like to work with us, reach out today.

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